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ABRSM Aural Exam Resources

When it comes to Aural exams, practise is key to gaining familiarity with the different requirements.

It's important to touch on every grade of aural so you don't miss anything out. You can find great resources below to help you with your learning.

The Youtube links are great for outlining what you are listening for, almost like an Aural music lesson. The apps are great for getting in all that fun practise. Let's get listening!

Grade 3

Tonality of a Piece - Grades 3-8

Grade 4

Character of a Piece - Grade 4-8

Grade 5

Recognising Style & Period - Grade 5-8

Grade 6

Texture & Structure

Recognising Changes

Grade 7



Identifying Features of a Piece

Grade 8



Identifying Chords

Recognising Style & Period

Describing Notable Features

Practise Apps

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