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Terms & Conditions

1. Lessons

The Teacher will give tuition during school terms (term dates will be as specified by the Teacher in accordance with Condition 3). The Teacher will give the lessons at the time and location specified overleaf and the Teacher will reserve this time slot for the Pupil.


2. Payment of fees

The Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer) will pay the fees for each term in full on or before the first lesson of the term.


3. Lesson timetable

Before the first lesson of each term, the Teacher will give the Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer) written confirmation of (i) the dates and times of all lessons during that term (ii) the start date for the following term’s lessons.


4. Missed lessons

The Teacher will charge for any scheduled lessons cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled lesson, unless the Teacher chooses not to do so because of exceptional circumstances. For the avoidance of doubt, this is at the teacher's absolute discretion.


Lessons cancelled with 48 hours’ notice will be issued as a lesson credit. Lesson credits can be rescheduled by the teacher during the term, or options will be given to students to book during holiday periods at the end of each term. All remaining lesson credits have to be used by the start of the academic year; 1st September of each year. If a pupil cancels more than two sessions in a term (even with 48 hours’ notice), the teacher is not required to make up the lessons, and the lesson fees will still be charged. 


If the Teacher cancels a scheduled lesson, a cover teacher will always be the first attempt at ensuring the lesson goes ahead. There is never a guarantee of the same teacher for every lesson, and the 48-hour cancellation period remains in place if another teacher covers the booking. If the lesson is cancelled by the Teacher and cover cannot be sourced, a make-up credit is issued. The Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer) can only request for lessons to be carried forward to another term if there are multiple lessons missed in one term and there is a limited amount of term time left to fit them in. Make-up credits accrued by the Pupil are not included in this term. This is at the absolute discretion of Emily Tully.

If a lesson is not attended within fifteen minutes of the start time and there has been no communication from the student, the teacher will make contact with the student, and if contact is not reciprocated, has the right to mark the student absent and lesson as billable. The teacher may leave the premises. 


5. Examinations, competitions and public performances

The Pupil will not be entered for any examination, competition or public performance without the prior consent of both the Teacher and the Pupil (and the Pupil’s parent or carer, where appropriate).


6. Termination of tuition

a) This Agreement may be ended by mutual consent at any time by both signatories to it signing and dating a written statement to that effect.

b) Where fees are not paid on time, the Teacher reserves the right, entirely at the Teacher’s discretion, to terminate this Agreement with immediate effect by giving written notice of termination to the Pupil or Pupil’s parent or carer. This right to terminate is without prejudice to any other rights the Teacher may have.

c) Either signatory to this Agreement may terminate the Agreement by giving notice in writing to the other signatory at least one month before the end of a term for the termination to take effect at the end of that term. Such termination will take effect at the end of a term only and not at any other time. If the Teacher gives notice to terminate tuition at the end of a term in accordance with this Condition 6(c) the Teacher will continue to provide lessons until the end of that term.

d) When terminating lessons, all outstanding make-up credits must be used and scheduled within one month of the final contracted lesson taking place. Subject to availability. 


7. Failure to give notice

Unless terminated under Condition 6 above, this Agreement shall continue from term to term. If the Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer) fails to give full notice to terminate this Agreement in accordance with Condition 6(c) above and the signatories have not agreed to terminate the Agreement in accordance with Condition 6(a) above, the following charges will be made in lieu of notice:


a) Where the notice given is less than that required under Condition 6(c), but is one month or more before the start of the next term: 50% of the fees for the next term;

b) Where the notice given is less than one month before the start of the next term: 100% of the fees for the next term.


If the Pupil stops attending lessons during a term, the Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer) is not entitled to a refund of any fees paid for that term. The Pupil is entitled to attend any lessons paid for.


If the Teacher stops lessons without giving the correct notice specified in Condition 6(c) above the Teacher shall refund any fees already paid for any lessons not given.


8. Conduct

If the Teacher, in his or her reasonable opinion, feels unable to continue tuition on account of unreasonable conduct by the Pupil or anyone connected with the Pupil, the fees for any outstanding lessons will not be refundable.


9. Changes

a) Any changes to the terms of this Agreement must be confirmed in writing and signed and dated by both the Teacher and the Pupil (or the Pupil’s parent or carer).

b) If the Teacher chooses to waive any right or remedy under this Agreement or otherwise (for example, if the Teacher chooses to waive fees for any lessons which the Pupil does not attend) this shall not mean that he or she must do so in future or that he or she waives any other rights or remedies, unless agreed in writing in accordance with Condition 9(a) above.


10. Communication between the parties

For the purposes of this Agreement written notice must be given on paper or by email.


11. Governing law and jurisdiction

This Agreement shall be subject to the laws of the jurisdiction of the location for the lessons (specified above) and the signatories to this Agreement agree that any dispute relating to the subject matter of this Agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of that jurisdiction.

12. Lesson Structure

In the instance a pupil becomes dysregulated to a point where they are unsafe to themselves or others, or are at risk of causing significant damage to equipment, the teacher will act in the best interest of the child and will bring the session to a close in line with ethical considerations of working with vulnerable people. A refund will not be issued in these instances, however, in the event the session is ended by more than fifteen minutes, the teacher will make every effort to use the remainder of the time to tidy the studio, write up lesson notes and plan strategies and activities for future lessons. In instances where this becomes a regular occurrence, a meeting between parents, teachers, Emily Tully and the pupil, where appropriate, will be called to discuss strategies to prevent disengagement from sessions wherever possible.

By booking lessons at Emily Tully Music you are agreeing to the terms and conditions above. Please pay particular attention to our 48 hour cancellation policy. You are welcome to keep a copy for your reference.

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