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SEN Music

"We are born musical!"

Yep, it’s true, all of us… you, me, your Mum, your Dad, your teacher, even the Postie...that’s why they whistle!

With help from family, friends and a special music teacher, you too can express your unique musicality and individuality.

Join us in exploring musical worlds to enhance your communication with those around you; express your creativity and musicality as we develop pre-language skills together.


If you want to learn an instrument, we’ll find a way to do that too.

Parents, carers, brothers, sisters, all your family are welcome as you grow your musical relationships.


Activities include:

  • Singing

  • Playing instruments… as many as you can

  • Resonance boards

  • Call and response strategies

  • Question and answer

  • Composition

  • Sensory stimulating environments

  • Pauses and silence

  • Turn taking

  • Rhythm making

  • Melody playing

  • Listening

  • Discovering patterns


We have experience of students with:

  • Autism

  • Behaviour difficulties

  • Profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD)

  • Severe learning difficulties (SLD)

  • Mild learning difficulties (MLD)

  • Visual impairment

  • Hearing impairment

  • Sensory impairment


Relevant training:

Most importantly of all, we have lots of fun!

M U S I C  I N  A C T I O N


Prices vary to suite your individual needs, Get in touch so we can create a perfect musical experience for you.

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