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Funded Music Project

Due to the generosity of Music For All, we were lucky enough to receive a grant to buy a resource of instruments and have provided six children with a variety of learning difficulties and disabilities and their families with a course of music sessions. With over 70 replies, choosing the families and pupils was difficult, but all families chosen were fully committed to the music sessions and the progress and enjoyment of their children.

Music sessions were pupil centered and focused on developing communication between the children, their families and the teacher through music and sound. All the responses were unique and sessions developed organically to suit the families and needs of the pupils. Sessions ranged from whole family sing alongs to one to one musical conversations using a gathering drum.

I would like to thank all of those who supported this project including the pupils, their families, my school, my Dad (who took the beautiful photographs), and especially Music For All for providing this musical opportunity.

If you are interested in being involved in future funded projects, please do not hesitate to contact Emily Tully's Music for more details.

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