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Is Performance Important?

We provide as many performance opportunities throughout the year for our students as possible. This includes promoting student involvement in competitions, auditions, and external performances. We encourage exams for some students as another performance element to explore. Some students are busy with their own performances either professionally, at school or just for fun. However, the most exciting performance we work towards yearly has to be our Student Showcase.

  • Students prepare solo and group numbers to perform for the public.

  • Students perform up to three solo songs in mini sets to provide students with the experience of longer performance time; a more realistic reflection of recitals and professional performance.

  • All students involved learn group numbers separately, then we put them together in a group rehearsal a week prior to performance. This speedy learning encourages students to take responsibility for their part and it gives us a chance to meet and get to know each other.

  • After a quick group rehearsal and mic check on the day, we’re ready to go.

Performance is an excellent way of showcasing our musical achievements, and it provides us with a goal. We practise and rehearse from week to week, but rehearsing to performance standard gives a different dimension to our practise. We rehearse until the songs are fluid and we know them inside out. Our focus can change from singing technique and lyrics recall to a greater focus being on storytelling, performance and emotion. The physical aspects of singing settle into our motor memory, and we commit to the communication of our performance.

We respond differently to the extra pressures performance creates, and the more we practice performance, the more we can practice how we deal with these responses whether they be physical or emotional. Think about it as your first day at school or starting a new job. The first day has its challenges, we feel nervous, excited, apprehensive about the days ahead. After a few weeks, we’ve settled in and it becomes an every day task we take in our stride. Performance is the same, the more we do it, the more confident we become in its execution and the better we get at dealing with the challenges it brings to our voices.


Here is what some of our students say about performing:

The showcase was an amazing experience. I loved the venue and the acoustics. The showcase is an opportunity to show everything I've learnt over the past year and to just have fun performing for an audience. It is an opportunity to meet other people who love singing. I love the group numbers and the different harmonies, and how well everyone gets on. I really missed the showcase last year, and was so pleased to see it back.

Erin, age 16

Emily's showcase is exactly what a singing recital should be; doing group numbers, singing with a mic, performing a set - these are all extremely useful skills to have under your belt as a performer. The environment is so supportive and friendly - a perfect place to develop confidence and grow.

Holly, age 23

Being Jasmine in the showcase was the best bit. It made me feel brilliant, although I was a little bit shy to start with. When it got to the singing I got used to it and I felt really energised!

Eve, age 9

The showcase was an opportunity to develop my skills as a performer. It was amazing to show off my hard work and share my passion with other people. It also gave me the confidence to know I can sing in front of an audience and give a good performance overall.

Olivia, age 15

I really enjoyed performing in the showcase. It was my first time singing in front of people on my own. It was a little bit scary at first but then I felt confident. Working towards the showcase made me think more about performance of the songs. It was good to see all of the other singers and watch how they perform and to sing harmonies with them in the groups. All of the singers were really nice and I can’t wait to do it again.

Amelie, age 10


Performing gives us another dimension to our musical development. Although it can be nerve-racking, we wear our hearts on our sleeves and expose our emotions to the world. The most exciting performances are those that are committed to the story and are the most believable.

Performance is what makes our singers sparkle!

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