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Online Music Sessions

COVID-19 has presented it's challenges, but it's important to recognise the positive things that have arisen from this pandemic. Online music sessions have taken place in a variety of organisations. We have moved sessions online and adapted them to suit the varying needs and requirements of our students.

Social media and online video conferencing platforms have given music institutions the ability to provide music sessions in the comfort and safety of our own homes. From online choir rehearsals to sensory music sessions; people have been able to remain creative and musical through lockdown.

Below is a list of organisations providing free music and singing sessions to a variety of audiences. Why not get involved and see where online music can take you?

Soundabout are a great charity who provide music for those with SEND, they have 100 online music sessions you can look back on, or join them live a few times per week. They also have inclusive choirs for anyone to join.

Big Top are a not for profit organisation based in Birmingham. They specialise in sensory music sessions for those with SEND.

Jessie's Fund are a music charity; they specialise in providing music therapy and music sessions for those with SEND, with a particular focus on thise with PMLD.

Live Music Now provide professional performances for children with SEND and older people. They have some lovely live performances on Facebook.

Watch the amazing jazz musician Derek Paravicini who improvises on all sorts of amazing styles and genres. Sometimes Derek takes requests by going live.

Opera North provide singing and choir opportunities for anyone to join in with. Sign up for their newsletter to find out more.

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